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I was working for a company that was trying to lay me off with out a proper severance. They had an extremely high end legal staff that I thought we could never beat. Harvey was confident personable with me and like a shark went after a fare severance package for me. which gladly we won. After I recommended him to another person who was also laid off by the same company to receive her severance that she won Harvey had to promise NOT to represent another employee being laid off from our “revolving door” company. They just couldn’t beat him and they didn’t like it. I would recommend Harvey to anyone he’s smart as a whip honest and goes for the jugular.

a Business client

This was a breach of contract dispute which required an attorney with a complete understanding of the complexities of the music business, and specifically a knowledge of recording and distribution contracts. Harvey Mars was the perfect attorney for my situation. Aside from his musical expertise, Harvey has been very dedicated, caring, and responsive to all questions and needs. I highly recommend him!

a Contracts client

Harvey Mars was referred to me by a friend who happens to be an attorney. In addition to having the attributes listed above that make a great lawyer, the word that best describes Harvey is “tenacious.” Harvey goes to the mat for his clients.

a Employment client

Harvey Mars was not only well-informed, timely and insightful, he showed an unusual amount of understanding, even sympathy, for my struggle to win justice in an academic setting. His humanity and concern, however, did not prevent him from exercising – and sharing – a healthy amount of objectivity. He is an outstanding lawyer and legal counsel.

an Education client

While working with Harvey, I had limited previous knowledge and no experience with any of the labor issues that I dealing with. Harvey’s knowledge and expertise gave me a real advantage to having the right and very important support when needed. He was always available for me with very positive results.

an Employment client

Harvey has successfully litigated a case involving a non-compete/non-disclosure agreement. Without getting into the merritts of the case, it is enough to say that Harvey was thorough, respectful, and always responsive to calls and emails (something not to be underestated). Additionally , I always felt Harvey was 100% with me, sharing a personal interest in the case. Had the outcome not been favorable, my opinions would be the same. He is simply a good guy to have working on one’s behalf.

James, a Litigation client

We worked with Mr. Mars over an almost 2 year period, when a group of us musicians approached the Musician’s Union in NYC (Local 802) for help and support. As the union’s counsel, Mr. Mars was deeply informed and always willing to go the extra mile to research new angles and options. When questions arose he always got back to us in a timely way, and was present and dedicated to our case. He never gave us false or unreasonable hopes and we appreciated his grounding in the law and reality, but at the same time he the wonderful ability to also listen to us and think with us outside of the box. Our case was settled positively and turned out to be an historic step for artists. We are so lucky we had Harvey in our corner.

an Entertainment client

Harvey has now helped me with two legal matters. One was for wrongful termination, the other a dispute with a landlord. In both situations, Harvey made each process painless and did the work for a fair price. I have recommended friends and colleagues to Harvey who have been in similar situations and will continue to do so. I am proud to call him “my attorney.”

a Wrongful Termination client

Harvey Mars is a pro. Not only is he an excellent attorney who vigorously fought on my behalf, but he is a decent and ethical human being. He has that rare combination of conscience and intelligence. He is a stickler for detail. He knows the modus operandi of those who are intent on doing harm and getting away with it. And most importantly he knows and understands the modus operandi of the predictably unethical attorneys who make a living helping the offenders. Opposing lawyers hate to see him coming because he doesn’t back down and he knows just what buttons to push to make their clients pay. He forced a settlement in my case. I highly recommend Harvey Mars.

a Discrimination client


a Wrongful Termination client